Crack and Cocaine Paraphernalia
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Crack Cocaine Paraphernalia

Crack cocaine paraphernalia typically consists of items that are used to smoke crack. These items include things like pipes and containers to hide drugs. Crack cocaine paraphernalia, like magic markers, can conceal pipes and small, hand-painted blown glass items look more like pretty trinkets than pipes or stash containers. Parents need to be aware that these kinds of products often conceal drug use. Identifying crack cocaine paraphernalia can be extremely challenging because they are ordinary items or things that are disguised to resemble ordinary items.

For example, a soda can, lipstick dispenser, felt tip marker, or a pager are all normal things that you may find in your child's room. However, these items could be used as crack cocaine paraphernalia to hide or use drugs. The soda can may have a false bottom to hide crack; the lipstick dispenser could hide a crack pipe; the felt tip marker might be an internal crack pipe; and the pager could be hollowed out to conceal crack cocaine.

Other crack cocaine paraphernalia that can be used to conceal the drug:Crack Paraphernalia

  • Plastic baggies 
  • Small paper bags 
  • Make-up kits 
  • Change bottles 
  • Plastic film canisters 
  • Cigarette packs 
  • Small glass vials 
  • Pill bottles 
  • Breath mint containers 
  • Inside candy or gum wrappers


Improvised Crack Cocaine Paraphernalia:

In the absence of commercially-available crack cocaine paraphernalia, either due to legal restrictions or an actual lack of manufacturers, many drug users manufacture their own. Primitive examples of this would include pipes for the consumption of crack and meth made from broken light bulbs, spotting knives, and bottles. Police in many countries will seize objects they believe to be improvised crack cocaine paraphernalia and charge people for possessing these objects.

crack cocaine pipe and brillo pad

lightbulb crack pipe

Crack and Cocaine Paraphernalia
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