Addiction Statistics on Crack Cocaine
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Crack Addiction Statistics

  • According to crack addiction statistics from the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (ADAM) Program, a median of 29.1% of adult male arrestees and 30.7% of adult female arrestees tested positive for cocaine (all varieties) at arrest in 2001. The adult male samples were compiled from 33 U.S. sites and the adult female samples were compiled from 22 sites. A median of 18.9% of adult male arrestees and 28.5% of adult female arrestees reported using crack at least once in the year before being arrested.
  • According to crack addiction statistics the 2001 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse Crack Statistics, approximately 6.2 million (2.8 percent) Americans age 12 or older had tried crack at least once in their lifetime, 1.0 million (0.5 percent) used crack in the past year, and 406,000 (0.2 percent) reported past month crack use.
  • Crack addiction statistics show that almost a quarter (24%) of the cocaine emergency department (ED) mentions in 2001 were attributed to crack. The number of cocaine ED mentions increased 35% since 1994 and 20% since 2000. During 2001, there were 46,964 crack ED mentions. Preliminary data show that there were 20,694 ED crack mentions from January to June 2002, representing 23% of the total cocaine ED mentions during that time period.
  • From 1992-2000, the number of admissions to treatment in which crack cocaine was the primary drug of abuse decreased from 183,282 in 1992 to 158,524 in 2000. The crack addiction statistics admissions represented 12% of the total drug/alcohol treatment admissions during 1992 and 9.9% of the admissions during 2000. The average age of those admitted to treatment for crack cocaine during 2000 was 35.7 years.
  • In 2001, crack addiction statistics showed 2% of college students and 4.7% of young adults (ages 19-28) reported using crack cocaine at least once during their lifetimes. 0.9% of college students and 1.3% of young adults reported past year crack use, while 0.1% of college students and 0.4% of young adults reported using crack in the past month.
  • Crack addiction statistics show that the term "cocaine addiction" is searched online over 115,000 times each year, "crack cocaine" is typed an incredible 491,569 times in search engines.

Addiction Statistics on Crack Cocaine
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