Crack Addiction and Crack Addiction Treatment Information and Resources
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Crack AddictionSince the invention of crack cocaine, crack addiction has become one of the biggest problems ever to face our society. A crack addict has no limits when it comes to fueling their addiction. Crack and crack addiction has seeped into every level of society as we know it today. People who know or are related to a crack addict are left with a pile of questions because they do not understand the hold crack has on it's users.

Crack is such an addictive substance that once someone has used it, they will not be able to predict or control the amount frequency that they use again. There is no other drug on the planet that exhibited the addictive qualities that crack cocaine has. Crack provides a short intense high that must be constantly sustained with more crack to avoid the deep "crash" and feelings of depression that set in after and addict binges on crack. This desire to avoid unwanted feelings that will happen as you come down for the drug almost guarantees addiction to crack. It only takes a few "rounds" of smoking crack for the cycle of addiction to start and for dependency on the drug to set in.
Starting the cycle of crack addiction is generally the same for most users. The unknowing person who takes their first hot of crack instantly feels the euphoric sensations that crack provides. Body addiction begins almost immediately as the powerful euphoric effects where off quickly and the desire to achieve the same effect can only be had by taking another hit. After a few times of going through this process, the mind begins to adapt to these short bursts of perceived pleasure. Now the brain desires to have these feelings on a consistent basis and psychological addiction to crack sets in. This happens so quickly that the user doesn't even have time to realize that seemingly overnight, they feel they need crack to survive and addiction has taken a hold of their life.
Now that Crack has taken over the body and mind, the ability to lead a normal life feels like it is only attainable when getting high on crack. Needing crack to feel normal is the definition of being addicted to crack cocaine. Crack addiction is so powerful that it ceases to allow the mind or body to function unless the drug is present. Addiction to crack only grows stronger and this cycle ends with quitting the drug or death.
Even with the threat of death, crack addiction is so powerful that users will continue to smoke it with no concern for their own life. Quitting crack cocaine on your own is doable, but the percentage that succeed in doing this is so small that a crack addiction treatment program is almost a necessity to truly rid yourself of this dangerous drug.
Some facts on Crack Addiction:
  • Crack (sometimes called rock) is the street name for a freebase form of cocaine that is smoked.
  • Crack addiction can cause lung damage; heart attack; stroke; respiratory problems including congestion, sneezing, and spitting up of black phlegm; burning of the lips, tongue and throat; weight loss; and generally poor health.
  • Crack delivers a similar "high" to powdered cocaine but, because smoking is a more efficient method of getting the chemical to the brain, its effect is quicker and stronger, peaking for about two minutes and lasting about 10 minutes. Users feel alive, exhilarated, confident and wide awake. They have a feeling of clarity and lots of ideas. Pain, tiredness and hunger are blotted out.
  • Crack, which may be as much as 90 percent pure, is five to six times stronger than the cocaine normally purchased on the street.
  • It is believed that crack takes its name from the crackling noise it makes when the drug is heated.
  • Poisoning with ammonia from protracted use of poorly manufactured "freebase" is a potentially serious health risk, as are the problems associated with acetone (used to reclaim cocaine from crack pipes), which may cause serious damage to kidneys, liver and nerves.
  • Smoking crack can result in "crack lung" - the symptoms of which are severe chest pains, breathing problems and high temperature - which can result in respiratory failure and death. The hot vapor inhaled during smoking may cause burns to the lining of the mouth and throat, which the user may be initially unaware of, due to the anesthetic actions of the drug.
  • The risk of overdosing is greater if crack is mixed with other drugs, crack and alcohol is one of the most risky combinations, as the body converts the breakdown products into the chemical cocaethylene, which poses an even greater threat to the cardiovascular system.

Crack Addiction and Crack Addiction Treatment Information and Resources
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